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Baby Shower Game Ideas Can Be Creative

   By: Cameron Stewart

Fun Baby Shower Game Ideas

Games are a party of every baby shower. For some reason, whenever there is a baby shower, people expect to play games. Here are some fun baby shower game ideas that your guests are sure to enjoy.

Pin The Diaper On The Baby

This is a twist on the children's party game, Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Make a cardboard cutout of a crawling baby by enlarging a baby graphic to life size and mounting it on cardboard. Mount the cardboard baby on the wall. Now create several paper diapers, or fold white towels or rags into diaper shapes, and stick a push pin into each diaper.

To play this baby shower game idea, blindfold guests one at a time and have them attempt, while blindfolded, to pin the diaper on the baby's behind, The diaper closest to the target wins!

Another Baby Shower Game Idea: The Memory Game

The memory game is a fun game that everyone can play. Arrange one or two dozen baby-themed items on a cookie sheet, tray or table. Keep the items out of sight until the game begins by covering them up if they are on a table, or keeping the tray outside the room if the items are on a tray. Use common, everyday items like pacifiers, baby bottles, safety pins, toy animals, baby wipes, and the like.

This baby shower game idea rewards the guests who have good memories. Let guests look at the items for a short period ? 60 to 90 seconds, depending on how many items you use. Now cover the items back up. Give each guest a pad of paper and a pen, and let them have two minutes to write down all the items they saw. The guest who accurately writes down the most items wins the game.

A Baby Shower Advertising Game Idea

This baby shower game idea uses popular culture to see which of your guests is most familiar with common products and advertising slogans. Read or show your guests all or a portion of an advertising slogan and have them match the slogan with the product being advertised. For example, "I'm Lovin' It" is a popular slogan advertising McDonalds restaurants ? but how many of your guests will know that? The winner of this baby shower game idea is the person who correctly guesses the most advertising slogans.

Baby shower game ideas are fun to think of and even more fun to play.

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