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Raw Dog Food May Be What Your Dog Enjoys

   By: Francis Brompton

The Skinny on Raw Dog Food

Today, it is standard to feed your pet commercially made dog food. With a wide selection of brands on the market, there is no end to the lengths that you can go to in order to find a meal that complies with the preferences of your pooch. However, have you ever stopped to ask yourself if processed pet food is really good for your dog? Many experts feel that commercial pet food is actually damaging to the health of your dog. Raw dog food is recommended for dogs as an alternative that is more beneficial for your dog's health.

Why Switch?

Food has not always been commercially made for dogs. Up until the past several decades, dogs were responsible for scoping out their meals in the wild, or they were given raw dog food by their owners. According to many experts, raw dog food, such as raw red meat, is healthier for your pooch than processed dog food.

According to experts, commercially made dog foods are extremely lacking in many nutrients. This causes dogs to become hypersensitive to their environments. Feeding your dog raw dog food instead of commercially packaged dog food can help to eliminate the possibility of allergies. Also, it can help to strengthen your dog's immune system.

There are many additional benefits of switching to a raw dog food diet. Dogs who consume a natural raw diet have been found to display less symptoms of arthritis. Also, owners have noticed that the "doggie odor" lessens or disappears altogether! Also, raw foods naturally clean your pooch's teeth - no more brushing or cleaning by hand!

Benefits for You

The benefits associated with switching to raw dog food are not just for your dog; they are for the owner too! If you switch to raw dog food, then you will not have to pay as much money for dog food. Also, you will not have to pay as many visits to the veterinarian because your dog will be healthier. This switch is surely advantageous for you and your dog.

The Selection Does Not Narrow

One of the reasons that most pet owners feed their dogs commercial pet food is because there are many different options available. There's food for puppies, food for aging dogs, hard food, soft food, semi-soft food. However, raw dog food provides a wide selection of options as well.

You can purchase raw dog food from the store, or you can create your own recipe for your pet. If you choose to formulate a diet for your pet, then you can control all of the ingredients and food elements that go into your pet's meal. Some options to consider are foods like: chicken bones, mashed vegetables, liver, kidney, raw chicken quarters, fish, raw turkey, baked yams, and raw beef. Also, it is important to give your dog supplements to ensure that they are receiving proper nutrients.

Not a Raw Deal

Switching to raw dog food has many health and financial benefits for all parties involved. Give raw dog food a try to reap all the benefits.

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