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Pet Food Recall Is A Serious Thing

   By: Dakota Ulrich

Check Your Pet Food Bags For Signs Of A Pet Food Recall

It's sad to think that we may be feeding our pets something that can harm them. It's true, however, that some pet food brands are involved in a pet food recall because the brands are hurting and even killing some pets. These pet foods were shipped in from a plant that was found to have some sort of substance in the food that is harmful to cats and dogs, and other pets as well. So if you care about your pet, make sure you research the pet food recall and then check the packages your pet food comes in to see if you are involved in the recall at all. This should be done at once to prevent anything happening to your beloved friend.

Brands Involved

To find out if the pet food recall affects you, do an internet search for pet food recall. You'll find out almost immediately which brands are affected. If you buy that brand, don't panic just yet. Some brands have only certain types of pet food that are involved in the recall. For example, one brand might have only the cat food involved in the pet food recall, while the dog food may be fine. Do a thorough search to see if the pet food you buy is involved in the recall. If it is, it's time to act quickly.

If You Find Your Brand

If your brand is listed in the pet food recall, rush your pet to the vet immediately. Make sure you tell your vet which food you buy your pet and, as a matter of fact, bring the package to the vet with you. That way, it can be sent to a lab if necessary to see if it has the ingredients that are harming other pets. If your cat or dog is fine, then you have dodged a bullet and should be thankful. Don't buy your pet any more pet food that's involved in the pet food recall until the matter is resolved. Talk to your vet about switching foods to prevent your pet from getting any intestinal upset.

It's scary to think we may be involved in a pet food recall but these types of things need to be watched out for if you truly care about your pet. Our pets love us unconditionally and we should do the same for them. So the next time you buy pet food, check to see if it's in the pet food recall list and protect your pet from any harm that might befall it.

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