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Innova Dog Food Is Special

   By: Kai LeBerge

Why is Innova Dog Food Special?

Is your dog currently eating Innova dog food? If not, perhaps you would like to learn more about a product that has your canine's best interests in mind.

Holistic Dog Food

Innova is the first true holistic food for dogs. If the idea of holistic nutrition is new to you, a basic understanding of this concept will enhance your perception of Innova dog food. Incorporating a holistic approach to nutrition considers all of the individual components and brings them into a balance that will allow the dog's digestive system to function at an optimal level.

The manufacturer of Innova dog food not only seeks to develop food to satisfy the animal's hunger, they have created a product that actually gives the dog the necessary nutritional support to maintain and improve health throughout the body. The focus of holistic nutrition, therefore, is on the prevention of illness by ensuring a daily supply of essential nutrients for each stage of life.

What Ingredients Go Into Innova Dog Food?

The people at Natura Pet Products, the manufacturer of Innova dog food, firmly believe that a diet of natural, wholesome food is essential to a long and healthy life. With that as their foundational principle, they have created a product that contains only fresh ingredients from each of the five food groups.

Lean meat, whole grains, cottage cheese, vegetable and fruits make up the balanced and varied diet that your dog will love. Innova dog food is also prepared using innovative cooking techniques that seal in the flavor while retaining the maximum benefit of each ingredient.

Tests Prove the Value of Innova Dog Food

Tests on Innova dog food substantiate their claims of superior nutritional support. In keeping with their holistic approach, Natura Pet Products offers a line of dog food for each stage of life, from puppies to seniors. Large breeds and small breeds also have individually manufactured diets attending to their respective needs. There is even a reduced fat dog food that will help the overweight dog lose weight without sacrificing nutrition.

Innova dog food proves its commitment to nutritional excellence with an impressive list of healthy ingredients, a superior cooking method and concentrated attention given to promoting wellness in dogs. Dog owners will love the health benefits their canines enjoy, while dogs will love the great taste. The principles used in making Innova dog food bring canine nutrition to a new level of excellence and confidence.

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