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Remedies To Get Rid Of That Gum Ulcer

   By: Terry Olmort

Fast Relief For Gum Ulcer

Gum ulcer is a form of mouth ulcer. Most mouth ulcers appear on the inside part of the cheeks, though they also are found on gums (gum ulcer), under the tongue, and the inside part of the lips. These are quite small to look at, but extremely painful often making drinking and eating an ordeal.

What You Can Do When You Get A Gum Ulcer?

There are many things that are believed to cause mouth ulcers ? viruses, weak immune system, Crohn's Diseases, acute gastritis, stress, hormonal changes in the body, allergies and so on. Doctors usually recommend that you take an allergy test to find out whether the eruption of mouth ulcers is due to any allergy or any other reason. Vitamin and mineral deficiency also are known to cause this problem and this can be treated by simply making up for the deficiency with the help of health supplements.

There are times when you would be unable to identify the exact reason that causes your gum ulcer. At such times the best approach is to use herbal or natural remedies for your problem. There are many such cures out there that would provide you fast relief no matter what causes the gum ulcer.

Great Natural Cures At Your Fingertips

Coconut oil is an excellent natural product for this problem. Apply it directly to the gum ulcer and you will experience instant relief from pain. Take about one quarter of a cup of coconut oil and warm it slightly. Hold half a teaspoon of this oil in the mouth against the gum ulcer for best results.

The reason why coconut oil is so effective against this painful affliction is that is possesses excellent anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which actively fight the bacteria and (possibly) viruses that cause your mouth ulcers. This oil also contains Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) which strengthen the body's immune system and thereby further helps in healing. Lastly, when ingested it kills the harmful bacteria and fungi found in the intestines that could be another possible cause for the ulcers.

Hence, when you use coconut oil you would be fighting the mouth ulcers from inside and outside. The strengthened immune system would eliminate any virus found in the body, while the local application would eliminate the possible causes for infection and relive the pain.

An alternative to coconut oil ? in case it is not immediately available ? is clarified butter or ghee (as it is called in Indian lingo). This is another natural product which possesses the majority of the properties that the coconut oil has and can be used as a substitute.

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