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Homersapien For President!

   By: Justin Bartholomew

Homersapien for President!

Justin Bartholomew

He can do a lot of things, but being president isn't one of them. A great gift for Christmas though.

You may be wondering what a Homersapien is?

Homersapien is the evolution of Robosapien's V1 robot and everyone's favourite Homer Simpson.

Based on Robosapien's V1 model,which broke record toy sales on its release, Homersapien looks set to turn heads, attired in Homer's favourite of blue trousers and white shirt.

So what can it do?

Homersapien loafs around crying all our favourite phrases such as 'Doh'. His sixty seven pre-programmed functions include, pick-up, throw, kick, stretch, sweep, Kung Fu moves, and of course the famous 'Homer Dance'.

Loads of catchphrases taken from various shows of the series, have been pre-programmed in and Homersapien even has his own Krusty Burger cup!

Homersapien's motions are fluid thanks to the 2-speed walking and turning options. There are also 2 types of gripper on his fully functioning arms.

Homersapien also snores, burps and farts just like homer.

So if you are looking for something different as a present for the kids, or even for the Dad's, then this could be the answer.

You can't help but love him.

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