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Got Pictures, Need Copy

   By: Sharon Gantt

Got Pictures, Need Copy

Sharon Gantt

It's true that it's said a picture is worth a thousand words, because it can cover nuances of detail at a glance that words simply cannot describe as easily. However, it's not true that pictures are worth everything. When you're selling a good product, you need both a good image so that the customer can see what they're buying and good copy. Too often, web entrepreneurs these days are trying to sell products on image alone, and they're getting lax on having good copy, since high quality images have become so easy to produce. However, if you pursue this as your only venue of advertisement, you're likely to see yourself suffer in sales, as most people do.

It's true that pictures are wonderful, and you should never have copy alone without a picture beside it if you can help it at all. Simply put, people want to see what they're buying. However, even though the "a picture is worth a thousand words" adage may be true, you need to have good sales copy to supplement it. In essence, the two play off each other and become greater than the sum of the two parts. The pictures play to those who desire to see what they're buying and bring in browsers, while good copy actually makes the final sale. This in essence is what is going to make you either succeed or fail in your business.

Pictures Tell While Benefits Sell

You may have heard the phrase before; pictures tell, benefits sell. Different entrepreneurs with different products and ways of doing business may have different things to say about this, but in this context it is true. If you think that your business can get by on pictures alone it is probably only a matter of time before your theory is turned on its end. Especially when it comes to items with a larger price tag, customers want to be sold on a product if they are going to invest a great deal of their money into it and this may be the case with your business.

Of course, not to be outdone, if a product has reached a certain price, you'll need some good images of your product. Even solid buyers need to see what they're buying.

Now, think about this for a minute. Why is your product special? Is it that is made of 14 karat gold? Is it an exact replica of something the Queen might wear? Does it have a lifetime warranty? Do you offer a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked? This is what your sales copy should say, and it should compel your "browsers" to buy because they feel they not only want it, but need it. If you appropriately sell the benefits of your product, this will probably make you more sales than a great picture, even though, of course, a great picture is still necessary so customers can see what they're bringing home. However, don't skimp on the copy.

Sell on Benefits

If you're trying to sell a product, you should remember that although the features of a product are important to describe, it's the benefits of the product that you'll want to concentrate on. Benefits are what the customer can expect when they buy the product, which will do him or her some good. For example, if an item is made of 100% cotton, why is that good for someone? Well, it's a natural fiber, and not a synthetic one; especially with today's environmental concerns, all natural fibers are making a comeback; cotton is also very breathable and soft, so it's healthy for your skin. Whatever the benefits of your particular product, make sure you enumerate them so the customer knows exactly why this project is good for him or her.

Pictures are, of course, very important too. After all, if you're buying a cotton shirt, it's all well and good to be extolling the advantages of 100% cotton, but you still want to see what you're buying. This, along with good sales copy, is what will sell your product. Of course, a picture without sales copy is also no good at all, and needs to be included so that customers not only see the benefits and features of a product, but are persuaded to buy.

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