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Every Gift Deserves A Thank You

   By: J Gardener

Every Gift Deserves A Thank You

J Gardener

Every parent knows how dangerous it can be to stand between a five-year-old and a pile of unopened presents under the Christmas tree, on Christmas morning. And once the present-opening frenzy has begun, every parent knows that attempting to interrupt a child, who's tearing wrapping paper, could lead to serious injury.

And every child is born knowing, somehow, which are the good gifts, under the tree-the ones that Santa brought. These are the gifts that every child has been eagerly awaiting, the gifts that Santa was asked to bring, specifically. These are the gifts that make Christmas special.

There are other gifts to be opened, too. These aren't the ones that Santa was asked to deliver. These aren't gifts that anyone was actually asked to give. At least, not by the child who receives them. More often than not, these gifts are from relatives, or from parents. They aren't exciting or exhilirating, but they might be used for a long, long time.

These are the gifts that every child needs, but will never request. They're the shirts and socks and pajama sets that are necessary and that every parent is grateful to see opened, but the gifts that will be forgotten by their recipients until they're needed.

Though these gifts may not be the coveted ones, the love with which they were chosen, bought and sent deserves recognition. Whether they were sent by a grandparent or an uncle or a family friend, someone went to some effort to get them here.

How nice it would be, for the relative or friend who went to such trouble, to receive a personal thank you in the mail. Electronic mail and messaging may the modern way to communicate, but there's nothing quite as pleasant as opening a mailbox and finding a thank-you note.

If a child is not able to write, yet, a greeting card with a picture of the present being worn or used by your smiling child will be something that any friend or relative will be very grateful to find in the mailbox, after the holidays have passed.

A child who learns to send thanks at an early age will grow into an adult whose courtesy and grace will be appreciated by all.

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