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An Ingrown Toenail And The Painful Toe Corner

   By: Tammy Foster

An Ingrown Toenail And The Painful Toe Corner

Tammy Foster

That's right, an ingrown toenail can make a grown man cry! Why? Well, if you've ever had one, then you'll never forget it!. This painful condition affects all genders and all ages. It will wake you in the middle of the night, it will start throbbing every time you try and put a shoe on, and of course, you will bump it a thousand times over. Yes, an ingrown toenail is not easily forgotten. It will make you pay attention.

This condition has found its way into the foot of many. This foot pain condition happens when the side or corner of one of your toenails grows in to the soft and delicate flesh of that toe. Think about the sharp toenail corners digging into your skin at the corner of or at the side off your toe. Oh, it makes me cringe just thinking about it! Most often occurring on the big toe or the "great toe" (now that sounds fancy!), the area involved will typically become red and swollen and of course very painful. These three symptoms are often the first seen when that ingrown nail starts to rear its wicked little head. There is even a possibility that if the nail is ingrown enough that you can even get an infection.

If you leave an ingrown toenail untreated, it can progress to a horrific infection or even an abscess that requires surgical intervention. Quite often you can take care of your ingrown toenails all by yourself. However, if the pain from the toenail is severe or spreading, then you should see your physician for her help to relieve the pain of the ingrown toenail.

While for many, an ingrown toenail is just a bothersome foot problem, for those with any circulatory issues, like those with diabetes, an ingrown toenail puts you immediately at higher risk for problems. If you are a diabetic, then you cannot try to treat it yourself, you must see your health care provider. It is too important.

Yes, an ingrown toenail is a pain in the foot and one that can bring tears to your eyes. But with a little patience and persistence you can find relief. Whether you handle it yourself or you seek care from your physician, take care of your toenail today!

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