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Dog Potty Training May Not Be That Simple

   By: Quinn Redmond

Effective Dog Potty Training

Getting a new puppy is a great experience. Dogs are really man's best friend because they listen to you when you talk, they are happy when you get home and they do not mind when you rant and rave. They are very generous with their love and even if you scold them before you leave the house, they will always welcome you with a wag and a lick when you come back home.

Dog Potty Training For Your Puppy

There is a system in which you can approximately guess the time your dog needs to go and do his business. Usually, a puppy will want to pee or poop around fifteen to twenty minutes after it has eaten. Dog potty training need not be so difficult for new masters because you can arrange to take your puppy out a few minutes after his meal.

Dog potty training is essential for puppies so that they will not be scolded most of the time. Other times that you will have to take him out for nature breaks are when it wakes up (this is tricky, if you are not right in front of it when it wakes), when you take it out of it's crate or box and after it has had a heavy drink of water of snack.

Dog potty training can be helpful for you because you do not have to clean up your house after your puppy has done the deed. You just need to be observant of your puppy's body language right after it tales a meal. It is important to note that you need to praise you puppy right after it pees or poops in the place where you want it to.

Dog Potty Training Tricks

If your puppy is a little bit difficult for the dog potty training process you have chosen. You might like to keep it in the kitchen while it gets used to your house. Lay down a newspaper in the kitchen floor if you do not have the time for dog potty training. If you observe the puppy arching its back or going through the motions of beginning to go poop, place it on the newspaper. Once it gets used to the newspaper, it will usually go there to pee or poop.

When you finally have the time for dog potty training, you can take your dog out once it exhibits a desire to go pee or poop. For the first few times, bring out a newspaper to get the puppy to accept doing its business in this new place.

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