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Dog Crate Training May Need Some Tips

   By: Hunter Jones

Tips For Successful Dog Crate Training

Every dog needs to feel secure and at ease, which is only one of the many reasons why dog crate training is so important. If you have an older dog then you will need some extra love and patience in order to crate train them, although with puppies you can often crate train them within only eight to sixteen weeks because they are already adjusting to a new environment.

The Wonderful Benefits

Having dog crate training allows you to keep your pets in a safe place during times when you will be away or if you have an event where your pet will be underfoot and possibly injured. Dog crate training also makes housebreaking much easier since the confinement helps dogs gain better bladder control since they will associate going outside with the act of relieving themselves. Dogs gain a sense of security when they are in a crate so it provides them with a place to retreat when they are tired or not feeling well. For those who are going to travel with their dog then dog crate training is very important since it helps the dog get used to confinement.

How To Make It Easier

When placing your crate it is important to place it near a busy area of the house. During dog crate training this will help the dog feel confined but still close to the family. The ideal place would be in the family room or near the kitchen. If possible it is best to place the crate in a corner with a sheet or towels on the back to have a den appearance. Even though a dog crate may not match with the rest of your furniture, it is important to have if you want an intact home while your puppy is learning and growing.

The size of the dog will obviously determine the size of the crate needed for dog crate training. You want a crate that is large enough widthwise to allow the dog to lay down when stretched flat on their side. When it comes to height the dog should be able to sit up without hitting their head on the top of the crate. It should be easy to find the size you need since the majority of crates come in standard sizes, but always get the next largest size if you are in doubt. You would rather have a crate that is too large than one that is too small.

When you start dog crate training routine is very important. You need to start a routine and stick to it so you don't confuse your dog. Every day of the week you should follow a regular schedule. For not only puppies but dogs this is very important since there can be security issues and behavioral problems.

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