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Stainless Steel Ring - Durable And Attractive

   By: Patty Ferguson

Do you know someone that is difficult to buy for? I am married to a man that I get stumped for every time there is a gift giving event. He has many interests and hobbies such as fishing, hunting golfing and skeet shooting. There have been many times that I have bought him hunting clothes or gear of some type, but for some occasions this just does not seem to be the right thing. Our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is coming up and I want to get something that would be memorable.

I have purchased other things other than hunting paraphernalia for him. One year I gave him money to purchase a hunting dog. I have given him massages from a local spa and also a hunting trip. He is always very appreciative of the gifts, but I have yet to wow him with a present. He does not wear colognes not does he wear much for jewelry. He wears a watch and his wedding band. He was not interested in wearing a wedding band until he discovered stainless steel rings. He noticed these in the jewelry store when we were picking out my wedding ring. The stainless steel rings are heavy in weight and will not scratch. Many men's wedding bands as well as class rings or club rings are made from this heavy duty material. The stainless steel ring that he chose as a wedding band is etched by a laser. The ring still shines up incredibly well. When he places it in jewelry cleaner and buffs it you would swear it is a new ring.

I went to the jewelry store to see if I could find something that he would wear. I was looking at the stainless steel rings and bracelets when a clerk asked if they could help. I explained that I was looking for something for my husband for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I described his wedding band and asked if they would be able to duplicate the design in a linked bracelet. I looked through one of their catalogs and identified the design that he has on his ring. They had a plain stainless steel bracelet. The engraver for the jeweler said that he would be willing to try to duplicate the design in the bracelet. He said that it may take him a while to complete so I made arrangements to come back the next day. When I went to pick up the bracelet I was very pleased with the work. I cannot wait until our anniversary to give him the gift. I think he will be very surprised and I hope pleased with the gift.

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