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Medical Transcription Job Opportunities Via Volunteering

   By: Mary Ruff-King

Volunteering your way to success begins as soon as you are ready to find medical transcription job opportunities. Join a local chapter of the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT) in your area. Ask what you can do to help your local chapter. Help is always needed and will always be welcomed. This is a terrific way to brand yourself as a person who wants to give. Once you do this, veteran medical transcriptionists will take notice of you, and medical transcription job opportunities will soon be presented to you.

When in search of medical transcription job opportunities, find a local medical transcription mentor via an online medical transcription message board or medical transcription forum. Ask if he or she offers needs help and if you can volunteer your time to gain experience. Remember that medical transcriptionists are busy, so do not waste anyone's time. Be serious and professional. After talking with anyone MT who gives you helpful hints, be sure to write a note thanking him or her for helping you.

Sometimes unique strategies are required to locate medical transcription job opportunities. Unusual local situations may come to your attention; if so, act on it. For instance, in the 1990s Orange County, California, declared bankruptcy. On a hunch, I called the Sheriff-Coroner's Office to see if they needed help. I was told that all but one full-time medical transcriptionist had been laid off, and there was a nine-month backlog of autopsy reports. Nine months! After interviewing there and being welcomed with open arms, I worked there every Saturday for almost a year. I received a wonderful education in Pathology terminology, and I must say it was the most rewarding experience I ever had. Additionally, the sole medical transcriptionist was nearing retirement. I was perfectly positioned to receive a job offer once she retired.

In your quest for medical transcription job opportunities, ask your MT instructors if they might need help with transcribing classroom assignments. As an MT student, I can clearly remember how bad the assignment copies were. After I completed the medical transcription courses, I word processed the assignments, corrected the mistakes that had been in them, and then took them to a print shop for reprinting and binding. Then I sent these to my medical transcription instructor; it was my way of thanking her for all she had done for me. I also helped my medical terminology instructor, who was writing a book. I word processed the medical reports for her medical terminology book. In case you are wondering, I was working full time as a medical transcription and word processor all the while.

Volunteering is a networking strategy used to find unadvertised medical transcription job opportunities. Not many people employ this technique. Although you may not get immediate results from your efforts, people will see you as a serious medical transcriptionist and admire your professional tenacity in your job search. The word will get out that you are looking for a MT job, and soon you will find what you are looking for: medical transcription job opportunities.

Mary Ruff-King, a veteran MT, helps new MTs with tips on finding medical transcription job opportunities. Other tips are provided at MT Mastery Center. Click here for other unique 'medical transcription job opportunities' articles.

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