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For Sale By Owner Condos - What You Should Know

   By: Dylan Wilson

Buying a for sale by owner condo has been an interesting experience for me. Growing up, for sale by owner condos were not something I would have ever thought of. I was raised in a pretty conservative family. Living in condos for sale by owner is about as far away from the things my parents approve of as you can get. You see, they always treasured privacy, independence, and individuality. None of those are values that you can practice when you are living stacked on top of each other in a crowded urban environment.

That was actually one of the things that made me hesitate on buying for sale by owner condos for so long. I have good credit so I could get a loan, and there were some great reasons to be in the city, but I couldn't handle the idea of being in a condominium complex. You see, when you are living in a condo the condominium association makes a lot of the decisions. When I considered for sale by owner condos, I knew that I would be moving into an existing community. I would have to abide by its laws even to the point of arranging my garden in a way that they saw fit. I really hated the idea of doing that. I like to live in my own way and not worry about what other people say.

Nonetheless, I knew that it would come down to buying for sale by owner condos sooner or later. You see, there were just too few opportunities where I grew up and too many good reasons to go to the city. I didn't want to live in apartment because I didn't want to pay all that rent and have nothing to show for it. With a for sale by owner condo, at least it is yours. You can sell the for sale by owner condominium any time that you want, probably turning a profit if you invest carefully. Basically, for sale by owner condos were a way for me, my wife and the family we were just starting to have a home of our own.

If you are buying for sale by owner condos, be sure to talk to the other condo owners in the complex. Although our for sale by owner condos experience turned out all right, it was difficult at first. There are some very troublesome people who lived in the condominium complex, and I wouldn't have bought a condo if I had known about it. Do yourself a favor and save some of the hassle.

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