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Air Conditioner Units - An Overview

   By: Drey Peterson

As the world heats up, people are starting to rethink their priorities. I have worked air conditioning jobs for about ten years now, doing everything from selling air conditioner units to installing them, fixing them, and designing them, and I have definitely seen a shift in the consumer attitude. Back in the day, you see, central air conditioning used to be a must have for anyone with the money to afford it. It was a great luxury to be able to cool your house to 60 degrees during the hottest weeks of the summer.

On the other hand, portable air conditioners such as window air conditioner units were a tough sell. You could sell them to students and people who lived in one room apartments, but anyone with more space than that would probably want central air. It is funny, but as the temperature starts to rise, people are starting to buy less and less powerful air conditioner units. Nowadays, most people simply buy a window air conditioner unit for any room they are likely to spend a lot of time in. They will cool off the living room while they are there, then turn on a little bit of ac in the bedroom at night.

It seems like there are a couple reasons for this change. A lot of people see it as evidence that people are starting to understand how much damage our energy over-use is starting to do, and they have a point. Cooling the whole house when you are only using a small part of it is quite wasteful. Beyond that, however, people are trying to save money. The economy is in bad shape, and fuel prices are going up and up. This has made a lot of people nervous about rising electric costs. They buy smaller air conditioner units so that, when the big spike in electricity costs hits, they will still be able to afford to cool their houses.

This change in the industry has not been drastic or universal, but it is definitely a trend that has people interested. It seems like some of the central air heating and cooling shops are getting nervous and offering lower rates than ever so, if you want to set up your house, this is a better time than ever to do it. Still, you might want to rethink your priorities too. The world is changing quickly.

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