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All Along The Watch Tower - Interactive TV

   By: Johnny Mayer

What's so cool about interactive TV? It puts you in (almost) total control of your viewing experience. You can the change camera angles on sports events, games and order food. In its broadest sense - promoted by the interactive industry - interactive TV is anything that allows consumers to have more control over their televisions such as video on demand to watch your favorite movies whenever you want.

Lean Back & Relax - Interactive TV

You sit at your computer all day that gives you a stiff neck. Interactive TV is a "lean back" or should we say "lay back" and relax viewing experience. Ever wonder what makes Interactive television work? Software, what else? The interactive elements are controlled by the set-top box on your TV set for Interactive capabilities like T-commerce, tickers, overlays, games, email, news, etc.

Clouds in my coffee - Interactive TV

While Interactive TV has the potential as a staple in the offerings of cable TV operators, there are some hurdles to overcome on the way to Interactive TV heaven. For example, interoperability is major issue related the set-top boxes on your television. They control which Interactive TV programs you watch and shut out other cable TV operators. The advantage of complete interoperability is to own one set-top box that let's you see all the Interactive TV shows.

Consumer Viewing Habits - Interactive TV

In its broadest sense - the one promoted by the interactive industry - Interactive TV includes anything that allows consumers to have more control over their televisions. Video on demand, for example, lets users order up movies whenever they want, rather than wait for set start times. In the general sense, Interactive TV can mean any kind of interaction with the TV,
whether through program guides, video on demand and more.

Changing Viewing Habits - Interactive TV

Interactive TV has changed viewer habits by giving them more control over their television set. viewing day and night. These can include games, shopping applications, tickets, weather reports and the like. Digital video recorders are also considered interactive TV. They digitally record shows and may be programmed to select programs you might like to watchÂ…. Imagine that! Your TV set now chooses shows for you to watch based on your viewing habits. What will they think of next?

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