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Politics Not So Sweet In Home Alabama

   By: Steven Jackson

Those officals elected to represent it's citizens should excerise their power of leadership.

We the people vote with hopes of landing our particular candidate into office. Thinking he or she will make change. Change for the better.

In Cullman, Alabama the economy is getting better from fifteen years ago. Laws are being enforce from my observation and it's still a "Dry County."

But race improvement what-so-ever!

When all of your legal agents, judges and even local merchants are caucasian (white) that shows us no dimenison of diversity or change.

In reality it takes away the true picture of growth and presence in the real world.

Cullman's politicians should have the know-how to bring awareness of better race relations the people and encourage it's town's folk to shed their white supremacy behavior.

No one likes to be remembered as a bad person. As the old saying goes....
"If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem."

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Born and raised in New York. Published author of the book titled: INSTANT MESSAGE (IM) - An Internet Relationship story based on true events filled with Sex, Lies and Hatred!

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